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        The bet365 live Group, strives to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of its personnel, visitors and subcontractors, promote social accountability with its stakeholders, minimize its activities’ impact on the environment and ensure the quality of the products, solutions, and services providing to customers.

      1. Everyone at bet365 live acts responsibly within our communities, respects human integrity and contributes to the preservation of our planet for the sake of future generations.

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            The Company provides accurate and comprehensive information adequately reflecting its situation.

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                1. bet365 live have defined preventive methods of analysis for all branches of activities to improve the company’s economic performance and ensure the profitability of invested Capital.

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                      1. play-online-casino-real-money

                        bet365 live stands for demonstrating leadership in environmental stewardship, being a responsible model for future generations and seeking to minimize negative environmental impacts of its activities:

                            • Produce new products from scrap metal
                            • Reduce waste (kg of waste/ton produced)
                            • Reuse sand, oil…
                            • Minimize consumption of natural resources and limit our environmental impacts
                            • Recycle products
                            • Reduce energy consumptions

                            Our long-term success depends on sustainable business practices as well as trustful relations with our neighbours, stakeholders, business partners and employees. bet365 live consistently strives to make business decisions that serve not just its interests, but those of society as well.

                            • Preserve the health, safety and wellbeing of all workers
                            • Maintain principles of fair competition, guided by best ethical and business practices
                            • Give the necessary training to insure the evolution of competencies required for the bet365 live Group’s sustainable growth and performance
                            • Promote innovations, encouraging the generation of ideas and value the contributions of employees as a pillar of future growth
                            • Enable teams and empower individuals to reach their full potential and succeed

                              The bet365 live group has obtained series of independently audited certifications that sustain the above claims.


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                                • Sustainability

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                                                Contact us

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                                                          Do you have a challenge for us?

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