VSI Crusher,poker for dummies

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                  A VSI crusher, or to give it its full name, a vertical shaft impact crusher, can be used for most crushing applications. The principal uses will be in quarries and gravel pits to produce products for roads and asphalt, ballast, manufactured sand for concrete and aggregates for use in the construction industry. But VSIs are also used for the recycling of building material, namely concrete and asphalt and the processing of steel slag. Increasingly in a conservation-conscious world, industries must learn to recycle used materials instead of dumping them. And this in itself can be a profitable industry if they are processed properly with the right machinery.

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                    VSI crushers can also be used as pre crushers in from of a grinding mill in the cement industry. 

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                                  vertical shaft impact crusher

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                                                    Other articles about VSI cruchers:

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